We are a Primary and Secondary Containment Liner Removal and Recycling Company. Re-Gen is the Industry Leader for Containment Liner Removal Solutions that benefits the environment through recycling, time and cost savings due to proprietary equipment and process, and enhances current safety and environmental programs adding value to the overall success of your company.

containment liner removal

We are out of the box thinkers with hands-on experience in efficient liner removal, time and cost savings to our customers, and adding value while exceeding expectations.  The idea that launched our company in 2013 was to efficiently divert pad/rig liners from heavily burdened landfills and cost effectively transport it to a legitimate recycler (in the United States) who could handle the volume and condition of the material.  Taking that a step further, we had to make certain that this program released our customer’s cradle-to-grave liability and were successful in doing so.  We were thus able to fulfill our goal of sustainability and allow our customer to bring noticeable improvements to their triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profits.

  • Our program is designed to enhance your current environmental program and demonstrates to your stakeholders that you strive to continually improve your social and environmental responsibilities by diverting millions of pounds of recyclable materials from heavily burdened landfills.
  • Each recycling program offers peace of mind to those customers concerned with Cradle-to-Grave liability.  That liability is eliminated as the material goes through the recycling process and becomes a “new marketable commodity” used to create alternative use, finished products.