We are a Primary and Secondary Containment Liner Removal and Recycling Company. Re-Gen is the Industry Leader for Containment Liner Removal Solutions that benefits the environment through recycling, time and cost savings due to proprietary equipment and process, and enhances current safety and environmental programs adding value to the overall success of your company.

Roll, Roll, Roll

Revolutionize your liner removal process with our innovative proprietary equipment that smoothly rolls up liners, ensuring minimal turnaround times and enhanced safety. Roll, roll, roll into efficiency and peace of mind for your next project. Request a risk-free quote today and experience the difference that sets us apart in liner removal solutions.
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36 Million

SQ FT Recycled

1,287 Hours


592 Cups

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who we are?

Re-Gen stands as the industry leader in Primary and Secondary Containment Liner Removal and Recycling. Our commitment to excellence and innovative solutions distinguishes us. Proprietary equipment and streamlined processes are the cornerstones of our success, ensuring efficient liner removal with significant time and cost savings. By choosing Re-Gen, clients gain environmental stewardship and tangible project advantages. Our proprietary technology leads to substantial economic benefits, enhancing overall operational efficiency. Re-Gen is the vanguard of sustainable, efficient, and safe containment liner removal, dedicated to elevating client success.
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What is it like to have Re-Gen on your project?

Faster than Manual Labor

Your liner will be removed faster than any manual labor with box cutters.

Fixed Cost

You will have a fixed cost per square feet - no surprises.

Reduce Risk

You don't have to worry about a thing; safety concern is limited.

Nationwide Service