Our Story

Our owners, with roots in the oil industry and a hardworking cowboy background, saw potential in the niche market of rolling liners. They brought their innovative roller concept to a fabrication shop in Idaho, leading to the development of patented technology still in use today. Their first project in North Dakota highlighted the need for a sustainable solution, rather than disposing of liners in landfills. This inspired them to collaborate with a recycler in Pennsylvania to improve the removal and disposal process.

Beginning in 2013, our journey was fueled by a passion for out-of-the-box thinking and hands-on expertise in efficient liner removal. We aimed to offer solutions that saved our clients time and money while exceeding expectations. The vision of diverting liners from overburdened landfills to authorized recyclers across the U.S. allowed us to responsibly manage material volume and condition. By relieving our customers of cradle-to-grave liability and embracing sustainability, we helped them improve their triple bottom line—People, Planet, and Profits. Our story is a testament to our dedication to innovation and ensuring our clients benefit at every turn.


Jeremy Morris, Co-founder, CEO

Mike Evenson, Co-Founder, CFO

  • Our program is designed to enhance your current environmental program and demonstrates to your stakeholders that you strive to continually improve your social and environmental responsibilities by diverting millions of pounds of recyclable materials from heavily burdened landfills.
  • Each recycling program offers peace of mind to those customers concerned with Cradle-to-Grave liability. That liability is eliminated as the material goes through the recycling process and becomes a “new marketable commodity” used to create alternative use, finished products.

  • Our commitment to increasing efficiencies allows customers to expedite their job turnaround times, which means shorter down times.
  • Our patented equipment is specifically designed to handle a variety of liners in a manner that will minimize our footprint on location, making it possible to leave a site in great condition when we are done.

  • Our pricing model allows us to bundle all(equipment. labor, transportation, recycling, etc.) costs associated with your scope of work and/or specifically designed recycling program.
  • This model eliminates line item or “add on” tickets that quickly increase and make it difficult to forecast job costs.

  • Each customer receives a copy of our paperwork to document how much material is collected, where the material came from, when it was gathered and where it is going.
  • Once material has gone through the process, a certificate of destruction is issued to verify that the material has been completely recycled, thus ending any cradle to grave liability.

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